About Our Service

1. Designers should sign up and upload designs to Africa designers’ website www.u-penda.com according to the requirements of our website. This step is to let us fully understand your design level and design concept.

2. We will verify your social influences for marketing your own clothes selling by checking your social media account and your resources. This step is to let us fully understand you and your social relationship.

3. You can check status of your designs in your self-center and follow our steps.

4. For a better business cooperation, we will settle a commission percentage according to your design level and social influences, and sign a formal ‘Sale Figure Commission Agreement’ which you can check the demo in this website.

5. UNAKU will use its resources to market your pieces via all channels.

6. Designers can trace their commission of their designs’ sells figure and secure their cash withdraw in real time. If you want to withdraw your commission, contact us for bank details.