Commission and Designs Agreement between Upenda Designer and Unaku Upenda Group

Unaku Upenda is the trading name of Henan Cube Network Technology Co.,Ltd


Party A:Henan Cube Network Technology Co.,Ltd.(UPENDA Design Department)(Hereinafter referred to as Party A)


Party B:                                                          

(Hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, the following agreement has been reached through friendly negotiation between the two parties


No.1 cooperation method
Party B need to register on Party A's website ( to become a clothing designer of Party As UPENDA platform based on necessary agreement.

Party B would be an UPENDA designer after the registration and Party B can upload his or her design work to Party A's designer website (, and Party B fills in the complete work information according to the website requirements, including design concept, fabric accessories reference, design style, structure drawing and analysis of this design. After Party A receives the design manuscript from Party B, Party A will conduct a background review. Party B needs to log in to the personal center to check the review status. The “rejected” status is that Party A will not adopt the work, and the “pass” status is that the design manuscript conforms to the UPENDA concept and both parties will go to the next stage of communication. Party A and Party B will conduct in-depth communication on the manuscripts passed, and select fabrics and accessories for the design manuscript from Party As side. After confirming the information on the fabric and accessories, the two parties will sign this agreement, and then Party A will carry out pattern making, sample preparation, mass production, and website selling on Party A’s shopping web worldwide ( which selling figure can be traced by Party B in his or her personal center. This is the Stage of sales in his or her personal center. Party B shall fully cooperate with Party A and provide the document and information required by Party A in a timely manner.


Remark: If Party B's design works are approved by Party A, Party B shall conduct social media marketing for the design (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr).



No.2 Party B's method of commission withdraw

After the completion of the factory production of Party B's design works, the clothes will be sold at Party A’s shopping web worldwide ( The sell figure of the products at Party A's UNAKU Mall ( and the personal commissions of UPENDA designers at are linked together. The designer website will automatically calculate the revenue of Party B by multiplying the sale figure of Party B's designed products on the mall and the proportion for Party B's commission. Party B can view the sales data and the total commissionable amount of these works in real time on the personal center of the UPENDA designer website. It is now stipulated that Party B’s commission rate is            percentage.


No.3 Rights and obligations of both parties 

(1) Party B has the right to know about the production situation, sales situation and his or her specific incomes.

(2) If Party A has a demand, Party B shall provide more information and feedback about local clothing market during the period of Party A's completion of new product research and development.

(3) Party B must cooperate with Party A to market his or her designed clothes on major social media.

(4) All copyrights of Party B's selected design styles by Party A shall be vested in Party A's UNAKU brand, and Party B shall not disclose the secrets or use it to third parties.


No.4 Other agreements

(1) Both parties shall jointly keep this cooperation agreement and Part Bs passed designs confidential, and the losses caused by the leaks in any aspect shall be borne by the leaking party.

(2) If the selling of Party B’s designed clothes is unsatisfactory, Party A has the right to make price reductions for this product.

(3) This agreement is only applicable to UPENDA platform protocol designers.

Party A has the final interpretation right


Party A:Henan Cube Network Technology Co.,Ltd.(UPENDA Design Department)


Party B: