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      This web is wanting Africa Fashion design drafts or tailor samples for our factory making and Online selling to advocate world people appreciate and wear Black fashion! All talent designers or tailors  whose work has been selected by us will have commission from the total selling funds!

  • If you are a fashion clothing entrepreneur, we help you to widen your selling market!
  • If you are a tailor, we can increasing the quantity of your goods in our factory!
  • If you are a fashion designer, we will make your clothes and sell in our marketing chain to bring you profits!
  • If you want to have or already had a boutique, we would offer you unique clothes competing with big brands!
  • If you are a clothing wholesaler, we provide you good clothing resources to bold your profit rate!

There are 3 reasons for you to contact us to make a better life for yourself!


    You will get profits from offering us design drafts or tailor samples if we choose yours work under our brand and sell to  consumers worldwide!


    We have big connections with many nations to let your clothes wore by lots of people, you are popular and wealthy!


    This web is to collect wonderful design drafts and to make in quantity in our factory. You need not to work that hard with not so much yield. 


          Want to start now? Register on this web and start to upload your Africa design drafts or tailor samples for us to choose! We will contact you if we are going to make your clothes and you will follow us in marketing your clothes so we will get to a win-win cooperation.

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