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  • Visible Design Commission System

    The is linked with Every paper picture uploaded by designers has a code which is shared by its real work that will be uploaded to the selling website. This code can trace how many pieces have been sold in the u-naku web so the commission in u-penda, in the designers' center, is rising accordingly.

  • Completed Wholesale Chain in Africa

    We have strong offline wholesalers system to sell our products designed by u-penda and also our online selling web, u-naku, has been registering everyday by thousands of people all over the world. We do marketing of each product in delicated way to transfer its suggested contents. 

  • Efficient Producing Mills Chain

    Cooperating with highly-experienced tailors is to convey the message designed inside. In addition, there are three big factory group located in South and Center of China, which guarantee our fast fashion speed. During all the clothing making, we will always keep in touch with its designers to pursue the best display.

  • Realizing Brand Design Dream

    To operating one's brand is the dream belonging to every ambitious designer and we cherish your dream. so under U-naku group, there are brands that we will use for widening your big reputation in fashion world.