About us


  UNAKU UPENDA FASHION FIRM,who’s headquarters is located in China, targeting at widening the cooperation channel of brand clothing fashion between China and Africa continent, trading as Unaku Upenda Africa Fashion brand by uniting Africa designers, marketers, Africa boutiques and China's productive clothes capacity, to gradually open UNAKU factories in Africa. Unaku aims at middle and high class customers and runs it’s own Lady fashion shopping web which is www.u-naku.com, where Africa people can buy and pay from M-Pesa, Visa/Master card, Airtel money, etc. For now Unaku has clients from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.



            UNAKU has two major platforms, one is the Africa designers’ website, which is www.u-penda.com, and the other one is a mall website selling the designs from the designers’ web, it is www.u-naku.com. The designs sold in www.u-naku.com would be produced into hundred pieces in China’s factory to cover the market, and designers can get commission of the sale figure.

The designers website is to stimulate the creativity of Africa designers, to cooperate with whom by supplying China production chain and commit in shifting good clothes production to Africa. Unaku will make Africa designers' designs and promote these designs in Africa market, so the designers can get share commission of these designs sale figure. All the benefiting system is visible from designers’ web by logging in his or her username in www.u-penda.com since Unaku have deeply linked the background of these two websites.

Unaku also has complete win-win digital system working with Africa designers, marketers, boutiques and warehouses. Our vision is to stimulate Africa fashion to worldwide by taking advantage of the local fashion energy, opening factories in Africa, and updating China's clothes trade model.

UNAKU marketer system:

      Are you perhaps sitting at home? Are you tired of your nine to five drop?

      Income Stable?  Are you earning?  Is your salary enough for your spending?

      UNAKU is the BEST Choose for you! Unaku, as a growing fashion brand, has been uniting Africa fashion designers, marketers, local boutiques with China's productive clothes capacity to provide high quality clothes targeting at middle and high class fashion ladies.

      UNAKU has Online and Offline Marketer Systems.

      For offline marker, It is just to look for a boutique and connect with Unaku.

      The boutique will be selling Unaku clothes for free and then pay back Unaku firm the total wholesale price after the clothes sold out. So the marketer can get commission fee from the sells from Unaku side.



          >On the one hand, you can look for one boutique and do all the four steps to get commission.

          >Or on the other hand, you can only do one step that you are really good at and look for various boutiques so you get many one step commission of different boutiques.


        The Online System is really different from the offline marketer system.

        This is because the online marketers mainly focus on retailers and individuals.

        To become an online marketer, you need to register on our shopping web which is www.u-naku.com. After registering, the marketer will be issued with a promotional link.


       This promotional link can be posted in any social media or websites. Any new member joins Unaku web using this link to buy and pay online Unaku web, so the marketer can get certain commission from the new member's payments to Unaku.

         Do you have any questions regarding this marketer system?

         UNAKU Africa Fashion provides you with the Easiest and Fastest way to make real money!

Click this link to watch complete video and get more information about how to become UNAKU marketer:https://www.facebook.com/unakuupenda/videos/2197262867188152/

UNAKU Designer System:

           Are you a designer?

           Do you feel that your designs are not getting the exposition that you need?

           Would you however like to join a dynamic fashion movement?

           Now ,this is your chance!!! Easy to register and Fast to realize your design dream at Unaku Upenda platform for Free!


               Designers can get share commissions of their designs’ sale figure and check their sales commission in any time because all the benefiting system is visible from designers' web by logging in his or her username since Unaku have deeply linked the background of these two websites.


                   You Design, We make, Together sell, A win-win!

                   Intelligent designer cooperation platform!

                   Various fabrics for you to choose!

                   Real-time income detection makes you feel more comfortable!

                   It’s a meaningful way to get your commissions from your Design Talent!

                   Come and join now! UPENDA will give you more surprises!

                   It's a promising way to let your designs approved for production in our factory!
              >>>Start free register on our Africa Fashion Designers web now:www.u-penda.com 

              > Click this link to watch complete video and get more information about how to become UNAKU  


UNAKU Boutique System:

        Do you have a boutique in Africa?

        Do you feel that your store’s stocks are not good enough for your market?

        Do you sometimes feel like you have over stocked and maybe you can not get back the money that  you have paid for the stocked?

       Maybe you will sometimes worry about your cash flow and capitals.

            UNAKU UPENDA will bring you a good news! Something will help you have a successful business!

         Just few steps to run your boutique in a successful way!


 UNAKU UPENDA  provide Africa boutoques with a more convenient way to 

run a fashion store in Africa!



       Africa boutiques can get Unaku clothes in bulk without paying at once ! 

          Click this link to watch complete video and get more information about how to become uanku partner boutique:https://www.facebook.com/unakuupenda/videos/559868524433981/