Attracting Marketer


Attracting Marketer

Email:[email protected]  Shopping Web:

Tel: +8618839232895 

This is a letter seeking for marketers who can get great benefits by marketing Unaku-Upenda! Unaku-Upenda Fashion firm running a branded lady-fashion Africa Online shopping web, which is, just like Amazon operation but the difference is we targets on Africa style and middle and high class market. And this web also support people to do affiliate marketing. We also have our official social media to display our clothes pictures for people to know and buy.

For first period:

     Marketers can do online marketing by clicking like, share, comment our posts on Facebook which is Unaku-upenda online shop, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, or promote our dresses online, which will help marketer to get scores for subsidies while expand her/his own sources of potential customers. That is a win-win way!

  The score rule:

(1)   100 scores= $5, 10000 scores = $500

(2)   Scores below 10000 can be used for buying UNAKU goods; scores above 10000 can be withdrawn for       cash via visa, master card or western union

(3)   Scores will be cleared when you keep silent for 5 working days

(4)   We will update your scores when you send us screenshots of your every operation each time

      Marketers can also do offline marketing among boutiques, wholesalers and retailers. After registering on, marketers can get a promotion link which will help marketers to trace profits instantaneity online after their potential customers paid online this shopping web!

     It will prolong to 75 days that Unaku keeps and updates marketers’ scores for clothes buying or cash withdrew. Only Marketers bring us an order that at least counts on 200$, can she or he use scores to change for clothes from us or get cash if his or her scores have been beyond 10000 scores.

For second period:

     Marketers will do offline marketing without scores subsidies because marketers have already activated her/his sources of customers and accumulated some potential customers after the first period marketing. At this period, offline marketing will enable marketers to get truly benefits from their potential customers’ orders!