Become a Marketing Elite from Scratch!


  Are you perhaps sitting at home? Are you tired of your nine to five drop?

    Income Stable?  Are you earning?  Is your salary enough for your spending?

    UNAKU is the BEST Choose for you! Unaku, as a growing fashion brand, has been uniting Africa fashion designers, marketers, local boutiques with China's productive clothes capacity to provide high quality clothes targeting at middle and high class fashion ladies.


    UNAKU has Online and Offline Marketer Systems.

    For offline marker, It is just to look for a boutique and connect with Unaku.

   The boutique will be selling Unaku clothes for free and then pay back Unaku firm the total wholesale price after the clothes sold out. So the marketer can get commission fee from the sells from Unaku side.


    The marketer looks for a high end boutique want to partnering with Unaku and help the boutique choose designs from Unaku then promote both parties to sign a sales agreement.

    This step deserves 3% of commission


    To make the boutique pays certain security free to Unaku.

The security fee(Refundable) is An Establishment of TRUST between Unaku and the boutique before Unaku delivery high quality clothes for Free to the boutique.& An Action to show the boutique's bussiness operating financial ability.

    This step is 2.5% commission



    The marketer helps the boutique to sell fast with Unaku’s marketing resources.

    This step is 2% commission  


    The marketer must follow and make sure the boutique has sent Unaku the wholesale balance of all already sold clothes.

    This step is 3% commission  


   >On the one hand, you can look for one boutique and do all the four steps to get commission.

   >Or on the other hand, you can only do one step that you are really good at and look for various boutiques so you get many one step commission of different boutiques.


   The Online System is really different from the offline marketer system.

   This is because the online marketers mainly focus on retailers and individuals.



   Register on and Log in,then go to your self center to copy your 'Promotion Link'.


   Paste your promotion link to all your social media to guide people loving fashion to buy dress from your link.



   You should tell us your user name or your promotion link you registered on (You need not to use your ID name.)  So we can choose you as our VIP Partner and reset your commission percentage out of total sell figure, based on which identity, you can trance incomes in real time. We will give you biggest shares after removing the basic cost of each clothes.


   Check "My Earnings" in your self center on after people bought from your promotion link.


 General speaking, when people click you promotion link, she or he will enter to our shopping web with your name noted below so that is in technology way to record your potential buyers. That is to say, you can check your commission automatically in your self-center in if she or he bought things from this promotion link .   

So you can download clothes pictures from our web and post them to social media with your promotion link so everything about your work, potential buyers would be recorded by the backgroud of


Click this link to watch complete video and get more information about how to become UNAKU marketer:

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