You Design, We Make, Together Sell, A Win-Win!


    Are you a designer?

    Do you feel that your designs are not getting the exposition that you need?

    Would you however like to join a dynamic fashion movement?

    Now ,this is your chance!!! Easy to register and Fast to realize your design dream at Unaku Upenda platform for Free!

STEP 1: Register

     Designers should register on UNAKU shopping and Africa UPENDA designers’

     Log in your self center of designers’ website and you will find extremely rich UPENDA online Fabric and Accessories Library. 

STEP 2: Designers Upload Designs

     Upload your designs to Africa designers’ website according to the requirements of this website. This step is to let UPENDA fully understand designers’ design concepts and design details for sample making. 

STEP 3: Marketing Analysis

UPENDA will send a social marketing influences chart’ to designers to fill in and UPENDA will follow designers’ social media to verify designers’ social resources. This step is to let UPENDA estimate how far designers can help UPENDA in selling designersclothes if UPENDA has produced designers’ designs in quantity.

STEP 4: UPENDA Makes Samples

    If UPENDA likes designers’ work, so UPENDA will approve it and confirm fabrics for designers’ passed drafts and then makes a sample for designers’ work.Designers can check status of their designs in their self-center and follow UPENDAs steps online.

STEP 5: Sign Benifit Contracts & Produce in Quantity

     If the sample is well done, before UPENDAs mass production in factory, UPENDA will settle a commission percentage according to designers’ design selling points and social influences, then UPENDA and designers will sign a formal ‘Sale Figure Commission Agreement. Designers can check the contract demo in ‘Contact Us’ of



     Designers’ designs will be sold as UNAKU brand tagged with designers’ name at after production and UNAKU will use its and designersresources to market designers’ pieces via all channels.


STEP 7: Designers Get Commission

     Designers can get share commissions of their designs’ sale figure and check their sales commission in any time because all the benefiting system is visible from designers' web by logging in his or her username since Unaku have deeply linked the background of these two websites.


      Designers can secure their cash withdraw in real time at by asking UPENDA for bank transfer to designers’ appointed accounts.

All steps above are based online our design


      You Design, We make, Together sell, A win-win!

      Intelligent designer cooperation platform!

      Various fabrics for you to choose!

      Real-time income detection makes you feel more comfortable!


      Its a meaningful way to get your commissions from your Design Talent!

      Come and join now! UPENDA will give you more surprises!


It's a promising way to let your designs approved for production in our factory
>>>Start free register on our Africa Fashion Designers web 



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