Become Unaku's Partner Boutique to Earn a Lot!


>>>Do you have a boutique in Africa?

>>>Do you feel that your store’s stocks are not good enough for your market?

>>>Do you sometimes feel like you have over stocked and maybe you can not get back the money that  you have paid for the stocked?

>>>Maybe you will sometimes worry about your cash flow and capitals.

    UNAKU UPENDA will bring you a good news! Something will help you have a successful business!


   Just few steps to run your boutique in a successful way!



   Get in touch with one UNAKU local marketer or contact UNAKU directly to get application form of partner store.



  UNAKU partner stores choose UNAKU designs at wholesale price on or from the DESIGN LISTS we send by E-mail once the application is passed.



    UNAKU partner stores sign a selling agreement with UNAKU.



    UNAKU partner stores pay certain security fee as business guarantee.

   The security fee(Refundable) is An Establishment of TRUST between Unaku and the boutique before Unaku delivery high quality clothes for Free to the boutique.& An Action to show the boutique's bussiness operating financial ability.



    UNAKU will deliver the designs your have chosen to your doorstep for free.


    In addition to the above preferential policies, you can enjoy the most abundant marketing resources and the best quality service!


UNAKU provides high quality clothing at wholesale price but without paying until you have sold at your own retail price!


UNAKU provides abundant marketing resources to make sure that your boutique well marketed in your local area!



Marketing your store on UNAKU official social media.


Take promotional photos and videos for the Unaku clothes you have.


UNAKU local marketers provide you with a variety of quality services.


    Africa boutiques can get Unaku clothes in bulk without paying at once ! 

   Click this link to watch complete video and get more information about how to become uanku partner boutique:


   Join and Start your successful business at UNAKU Fashion:

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